Holy Fuck – Deleter

The Canadian quartet deliver a modern day electro masterclass with their fourth album

Album Review by Paul Sinclair | 14 Jan 2020
  • Holy Fuck - Deleter
Album title: Deleter
Artist: Holy Fuck
Label: Holy EF
Release date: 17 Jan

Holy Fuck’s fourth LP comes in the form of an electronic rollercoaster, incorporating different genres, tempos and moods to create an impressively seamless record. Boasting an equally impressive list of guest spots, it includes contributions from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Pond’s Nicholas Allbrook and Liars’ Angus Andrew.

From first listen it becomes quickly evident that there's much to explore on Deleter, finding new and subtle nuances on repeat listens. With many genres being teased and explored throughout, it takes the listener up and down on more than one occasion, from the tense sounding, bass heavy moments found in Luxe and Moment to the slower, synth-laden, more chill vibes in Near Mint or Endless. Free Gloss, in particular, will make you feel like you're basking in the neon glow of a sunlit dancefloor.

Deleter is an album that takes on many forms; it's a release that fans and newcomers alike will be able to mould into whatever they need it to be. Quite honestly it's a difficult record to find fault with, as each listen offers a slightly different interpretation. A creative triumph for any artist, Deleter is well-rounded and a welcome return for the Toronto outfit. 

Listen to: Free Gloss