Hinds – I Don't Run

On I Don’t Run, Hinds return with sunny garage rock weighted by concrete hooks and gritty resolve

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 02 Apr 2018
  • Hinds – I Don't Run
Album title: I Don't Run
Artist: Hinds
Label: Lucky Number
Release date: 6 Apr

The Madrid lo-fi favourites broke through with their 2016 debut, and their time since spent touring the world has fed a follow-up that’s deft and meditative. It bears the bruises of a sharp rise to fame, but Hinds have dodged growing pains in favour of digging deeper in to the four-piece’s irrepressible dynamic. There are still plenty of the magic, chaotic choruses that set alight their live shows, but in between are touching moments of melancholy, frustration and imagination.

You’ll strain your ears for detail through the fuzz on the strummed, submerged tango of closer Ma Nuit, and elsewhere the band’s pop hooks shine so bright and clear that you could spot them from space. New For You, the album’s bouncy first single, speaks to the possibilities of reinvention with more ennui than before: “Sometimes I see myself and I can’t stand my… show,” sings Carlotta Cosials, with just enough ambiguity. Tester shows off a tough, tight bass solo from Ade Martin, and a slab of sound pinned precisely by Amber Grimbergen's drums.

Throughout, Cosials and Ana Perrote’s dual vocals are vibrant, flickering from intimate conversation to unruly declarations. An unholy scream in the last thirty seconds of stand-out I Feel Cold But I Feel More is evidence enough that Hinds 2.0 only bring the party when they feel like it.

Listen to: Tester, I Feel Cold But I Feel More, Ma Nuit