Helsinki Seven – Divisions

Album Review by Austin Tasseltine | 02 Sep 2010
  • Helsinki Seven – Divisions
Album title: Divisions
Artist: Helsinki Seven
Label: Dapsone
Release date: 27 Sep

Helsinki Seven are purveyors of bombastic popular hardcore, the likes of which initially propelled Boy Sets Fire onto the Warped tour and wider acceptance. Certainly it's a genre not renowned for producing the most musically diverse records and these fellas have clearly settled on a formula they feel comfortable with.

The result is mosh-pit friendly yet peppered with the hooks and choruses necessary to ensure any kind of longevity. Pull The Ripcord is a particularly succinct chunk of rock, best combining the chops, melody and holler these guys specialise in. Hailing from the North of England, Helsinki Seven are busy boys on the European DIY circuit and if they can manage to stay sane in the back of their transit van for the next six months they might just have the songs to break through to a wider crowd. Certainly, for their tireless efforts alone, this mini-album is deserving of attention. [Austin Tasseltine]


Playing Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh on 7 Oct; Dexter's, Dundee on 8 Oct and Captain's Rest, Glasgow on 9 Oct