Hector Bizerk – Drums. Rap. Yes.

Album Review by Bram Gieben | 24 Jul 2012
  • Hector Bizerk - Drums. Rap. Yes. (cover)
Album title: Drums. Rap. yes.
Artist: Hector Bizerk
Label: Self-released
Release date: 18 Jul

“I wanna be in one of those bands with pointy shoes and haircuts like Paul Weller,” says rapper Louie on the opening track of Hector Bizerk's first full-length LP, before deciding: “Nah, fuck that.” Thank goodness he decided to stick to his guns; Hector's stripped, minimal, self-aware take on hip-hop allows them to slough off clichés and expectations like summer rain: on Burst Love, Louie's clear-eyed, optimistic lyrics about artistic commitment and determination are the perfect complement to the buzzing electro-bass and stop-start drums.

Niche II is a trip through Glasgow's urban environment, touching on sectarianism, crime and politics. Man Up's blend of indie and upfront doubletime rap has lost none of its feral energy in the transition from gig to studio, while more relaxed cuts like For The Record provide a nice contrast. Their sound is filled-out, polished and refined, and this is a thrilling level up from their demos and EPs, delivering in spades on that early promise. [Bram Gieben]

Available via iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets. http://www.facebook.com/hectorbizerk