Guided By Voices – Zeppelin Over China

Robert Pollard and the gang return with a mammoth 32-song release

Album Review by Paul Sinclair | 30 Jan 2019
  • Guided By Voices – Zeppelin Over China
Album title: Zeppelin Over China
Artist: Guided By Voices
Label: GBV Inc.
Release date: 1 Feb

Guided By Voices return with another feather in their massive cap with Zeppelin Over China, the 26th album released from Robert Pollard and his ever-changing line-up. Often portrayed as underground indie royalty, GBV have influenced many of today’s indie darlings; from Death Cab for Cutie to The Cribs, the list is seemingly endless.

Like previous albums, there is no shortage of tracks; it's a mammoth 32-song release, comprised of indie jingles clocking in between the one and four minute mark. Opening tune Good Morning Sir is a cheery, jaunty song that would be at home on any recent GBV record, and acts as a pleasant introduction to what lies ahead.

The album takes a few gentle twists and turns as it moves along, led by Pollard’s husky voice. Flowing in a kind of back-and-forth nature, with the heavier overtones delivered from Holy Rhythm and Vertiginous Raft to the softer, narrative side of Pollard with tunes like Bellicose Starling.

There is nothing necessarily new offered here in the way of direction or sound, however Zeppelin Over China adds a suitable chapter to the story of Robert Pollard, who recently celebrated releasing a mind-blowing 100 albums over the course of his career in various projects. While old fans will be satisfied by the usual, consistently catchy brand of indie rock brought forth by these cult legends, Zeppelin Over China would be a great starting point for any newcomers to the group looking to discover why they've been held in such high regard for over three decades.

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