Group of the Altos – R U Person or Not

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 21 Feb 2015
  • Group of the Altos – R U Person or Not
Album title: R U Person or Not
Artist: Group of the Altos
Label: Mini50 Records
Release date: 23 February 2015

"Let our hearts break and scream (when we are all courage.)" Sometimes, an act inserts into their self-penned bio a sliver of manifesto that signals their intent and – hopefully – their achievement. It's the latter element that's often found wanting but Group of the Altos make good on their flighty declarations. The Milwaukee twelve piece, led by Volcano Choir's Daniel Spack, are a genre-dismissing wonder and their second album in a decade rewards your patience.

A wall of distortion, vocals classically wrought (gruff male lead, delicate female backing) and orchestral backing support Spack's vision. The off-beat twitch of Forgiveness Rules; the spoken word Fucks With Us; the tender lamentations of To Saviour: they journey relentlessly.

Fuelled by this overreaching ambition, R U Person or Not delivers a delicious headfuck. Buried deep within the layers of this remarkable record is poetry; poetry and courage, and an innate ability to connect at a deep and very human level.