Grinderman - Grinderman

The wailing cry of love bludgeoned by vitriolic distortion

Album Review by Billy Hamilton | 12 Mar 2007
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Album title: Grinderman
Artist: Grinderman
Label: Mute

If you're squeamish, cover your ears now - Grinderman's debut album takes no prisoners. It's the wailing cry of love bludgeoned by vitriolic distortion; the haggard bones of contentment devoured by avenging bar-room vultures; and the last breath of consumerism slipping into a rat-infested quagmire. With Nick Cave biblically advocating over 'No Pussy Blues' terrifying gospel-punk, little solace can be found in the record's gruesome narrative. Yet, outside Cave's ritualistic seething lurks more brutal beasts. Warren Ellis' swirling Fendocaster splinters the senses on 'Depth Charge Ethel' like an insatiable whirlwind of aggression, while Jim Sclavunos' pneumatic drumming pummels through 'Honey Bee' with tribalistic incessancy. Even a drop in tempo sees the band prowl menacingly, with 'Electric Alice' rounding up its prey to the bewitching cackle of a taunting viola. When the rampant 'Love Bomb' comes to a shuddering halt, you'll realise Grinderman is sheer Rock'n'Roll and it sure ain't pretty. [Billy Hamilton]

Release Date: 5 March.