Goose - Bring It On

At The Drive-In for some sort of cyber punk generation

Album Review by Neil Ferguson | 12 Mar 2007
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Album title: Bring It On
Artist: Goose
Label: Skint
It's been a long time since Skint Records managed to throw out anything of real consequence to the wider music world. In early 2007 all that changes with the release of Bring It On - a dense and harsh mix of euro-electro with huge beats and a hint of sleaze bass, just for good measure - like the hyperactive offspring of Daft Punk and Mylo, with a healthy dose of post-hardcore as its backing track. Wonderfully violent and caustic, Goose is At The Drive-In for some sort of cyber punk generation. It mixes Skint traditions with a modern, harsher edge and a sprinkling of intelligence. It hits hard with beats that pummel and brutalise the listener into submission. It meanders in unpredictable directions. It breaks down into house every now and then. It does whatever it wants to and still comes together to form what may come to be regarded as one of the finest electronic albums this side of the millennium. [Neil Ferguson]
Release Date: Out now.