Golden Teacher – No Luscious Life

Golden Teacher's debut full-length record is a chaotic, wonderfully soundtracked journey from one of Glasgow's most exciting bands

Album Review by Claire Francis | 01 Nov 2017
Album title: No Luscious Life
Artist: Golden Teacher
Label: Golden Teacher Records
Release date: 3 Nov

“This is not an album by any intention or through any concept,” explains the accompanying press release for the latest musical offering from Glasgow-based party outfit Golden Teacher. Don’t be fooled by the eclectic sextet’s nonchalant dissertation, though – this debut LP packs plenty of rhyme and reason into its seven wide-ranging compositions.

No Luscious Life begins in earnest with the excellently-titled Sauchiehall Withdrawal, a kinetic pop-funk opener that takes issue with our current socioeconomic climate and begs, 'I’m always working so hard / And for what?' A dramatic about-face follows in the form of Diop, a percussive instrumental piece. No sooner have you recovered from Diop’s jungle-driven journey and No Luscious Life thrusts you into the bubbling synthesized beats, handclaps and hi-hat hustle of Spiritron, a love-struck electro ballad that purrs.

You should be getting the gist by now that this assured debut full-length is about as multifarious as it gets. From the eerie, lascivious shudder that propels Shatter (Version), to the ambient orchestral beauty of its eight-minute eponymous closing track, No Luscious Life tosses you from one moment and mood to the next with no reprieve. It’s a chaotic, wonderfully soundtracked journey from one of the best underground musical collectives to come out of Glasgow. 

Listen to: Sauchiehall Withdrawal, Shatter (Version), No Luscious Life