Giuda – Speaks Evil

Album Review by Duncan Harman | 23 Nov 2015
  • Giuda – Speaks Evil
Album title: Speaks Evil
Artist: Giuda
Label: Burning Heart Records
Release date: 4 Dec

Ah; glam rock. All those builders in chiffon and too much make-up, brightening up the three-day week. It’s a curious niche for a bunch of 21st century Italian punks to be mining; that the quintet are already on to album #3 suggests that there’s mileage yet. Cue stomping beats and fellatio guitar, the football terrace chants (on tracks such as Working Class Man and You Can Do Everything) liberal, and more than a little Suzi Quatro.  

Elsewhere, Roll the Balls is appropriately ballsy. Mama Got The Blues sounds like Primal Scream’s Rocks performed by Eddie and the Hot Rods, whilst Bonehead Waltz is The Sweet toying with a harder sound, and everything’s delivered straight-up, without recourse to irony, as if Speaks Evil knows where its influences lay, and isn’t particularly bothered that the rest of us know so too (indeed, all the band lack is the requisite amount of make-up and chiffon). [Duncan Harman]