Get Amped - Postcards From Hell

should have ten year olds laughing into their Trivium t-shirts

Album Review by Caroline Hurley | 15 Jul 2006
Album title: Postcards From Hell
Artist: Get Amped
Label: Stronglikebull Records
A plethora of good press adorns the debut album of this Southampton outfit, which makes me think there's a lot of people who got sent the wrong CD to review. Despite the Ugly Kid Joe outfits and black = angst cover, 'Postcards From Hell' has moments that would have Crowded House asking 'who are this bunch of pussies?' The album moves from a Police cover to a track called God of the Zombies that should have ten year olds laughing into their Trivium t-shirts. This is another example of taking a band that appear otherwise unmarketable and sticking on a couple of skulls; middle of the road guitar-pop hiding behind vague allusions to metal. To illustrate the disturbing nature of their 'style' in one example; the band list Peter Gabriel as an influence along with Soundgarden. It felt like someone had thrown up in my head. [Caroline Hurley]

Postcards From Hell' is out now.