Gabe Gurnsey – Physical

Gabe Gurnsey has taken a temporary departure from the stripped-back no wave electronica of Factory Floor in favour of some good old dancefloor stingers

Album Review by Briony Pickford | 03 Aug 2018
  • Gabe Gurnsey – Physical
Album title: Physical
Artist: Gabe Gurnsey
Label: Phantasy Sound
Release date: 3 Aug

Physical was created to paint the story of a classic night out: getting ready, ordering a taxi, grabbing a drink, having a dance, smoking a cigarette outside, going to an after party.

Ultra Clear Sound kicks off the album with a gradual crescendo from hand percussion to the bass-heavy drum kit. Many other tracks, such as Eyes Over are similar as they develop, loop or experiment over simple drum lines to create a retro house track.

However, not every song on this album, despite it’s description of a night out, actually fits the dancefloor. In order to make Physical's journey evident, Gurnsey has sacrificed the potential of some tracks. For example, The Last Channel is a slightly lacking final track and Temazzy could certainly have made more of an impression.

Nevertheless, further listens show that Gurnsey is a delicate artist with an attention to detail. Harder Rhythm layers a powerful reinforced melody on top of the ironically looping lyrics and a pounding beat which you can imagine travelling through the floor of any good club. Further on through the album the drums in Sweet Heat transport you to the African plains, as if Gurnsey is attempting a musical metaphor for some recreational activity. You Can is the album's highlight with its looped and unforgettable refrain of 'You can dance while I get high.'

Physical boasts one hell of a range of tracks, some suited for dancing but all suited to telling Gurnsey's favourite story. With it he's created a new and independent take on house proving that Gabe Gurnsey is not just a member of Factory Floor but a solo artist in his own right and style.

Listen to: You Can, Harder Rhythm, Sweet Heat