FOUND - Found Can Move

Fine, timeless songs, delicately crafted. FOUND's first LP is perfectly formed.

Album Review by Bram Gieben | 15 Jun 2006
  • Found Can Move
Album title: Found Can Move
Artist: FOUND
Label: Surface Pressure

In a sane world, FOUND would be at number one, chatting to Rob Da Bank on Top of The Pops in between massive stadium gigs – and who knows, it might still happen. FOUND's sounds and experimental noise raise their folk-pop harmonies into experimental reverie, while a dark undercurrent of funk moves beneath the surface. Ziggy Campbell's wry, sometimes elliptical lyrics - delivered in an accent that simply caresses the ears - conjure a melancholic Scottish social landscape, where turnstiles are turning points, broken down cars are omens of suffering, and only time travel can save your relationship. Their live show is an eerie, uplifting experience, as accordions weave psychedelically between electronic beats. No weak tracks here - the ghost of Pavement watches over Synth Like Minds, the organic house of Fergus of Forfar soothes and cleanses, while Broken Down Cars and Mullokian are fine, timeless songs, delicately crafted. Their first LP, this is perfectly formed. Frankly, we'd be lost without them. [Bram Gieben]

Found Can Move' is out now.

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