¡Forward Russia! - Life Processes

Album Review by Neal Parsons | 25 Apr 2008
  • Life Processes
Album title: Life Processes
Artist: ¡Forward Russia!
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Release date: Out Now

This album will surprise you. Whether it’s the monstrous Muse-like riff which breaks up the near incessant disco rhythm drums on Gravity & Heat, or how much their quieter tracks sound like Placebo is irrelevant; Life Processes is not what it immediately might seem. Indeed, much of the album is like some post-modern cross pollination between said angst-laden rockers and Bloc Party. The wall of distorted noise that greets you on opener Welcome To The Moment (The Rest of Your Life) belies the poppier sensibilities within. It's not long, however, before A Prospector Can Dream bursts through your stereo like the future hit single it's destined to become. Beyond that there's precious little variation, but what Forward Russia do, they do well. If just-below-breaking-point vocals and loud-quiet dynamics are your thing then get hold of this and fill your boots. [Neal Parsons]