Föllakzoid – III

Album Review by Chris Ogden | 01 Apr 2015
Album title: III
Artist: Föllakzoid
Label: Sacred Bones
Release date: 30 March

III promises more of the same for Chilean ‘cosmic music’ band Föllakzoid, masters of the mantric ten-minute krautrock groove. However, this outing sees the three-piece infusing their subtly shifting minimalism with more mystical South American influences. 

Album opener Electric sees Juan Pablo Rodriguez setting up the spacious sound-world of the next 45 minutes, relentlessly looping a thumping bass groove that is gradually cracked open by Domingo Garcia-Huidobro’s reverberating guitar peals. Earth and Piure are more ancient affairs: the former’s clanking guitar would make for a nifty soundtrack to a construction project over centuries, while Piure’s tinkling bells and a remarkably disciplined tribal drumbeat from Diego Lorca evoke the extreme effort of trekking the Andes.

It’s on final track Feuerzeug that the band show their influences most clearly, with Garcia-Huidobro’s harmonics taking a mid-section backseat to the German techno maestro Atom TM, who imbues the track with the sizzling space-landing sounds of the Korg synthesiser used on tour by Kraftwerk in the 1980s. Like their progenitors, Föllakzoid’s unwavering sense of purpose on III is admirable. 

Playing Manchester Soup Kitchen on 2 Jun http://follakzoid.bandcamp.com