Fist City – Everything Is A Mess

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 03 Jun 2015
Album title: Everything Is A Mess
Artist: Fist City
Label: Transgressive
Release date: 22 Jun

Garagey slop at its best: on this second ‘official’ album, Alberta surf-punx Fist City nail something potent, poppy and purposeful. The ramalama urgency of Bad Trip and Hey Little Sister indicates a band determined to get into your head by burrowing into your feet and hips, while Fuck Cops (with its two-fingered dismissal of ‘racist pigs’) splatters searing venom across a mean-tempered shuffle.

It’s a noise that rages and swings so hard you’ll be left with no choice but to listen – like Sonic Youth launching jellybeans at the heads of Man or Astroman?, and effortlessly cool with it. Ultimately, Everything Is A Mess deals with the chaotic shambles we all endure on a daily basis; lives unstructured and oppressed by violence beyond our control, yet defiantly surviving in the face of all that. It careens from jangling fury to purifying freakouts without batting an eyelid. Most of all, it’s a superb record from a great and fast-improving band.