Field Music – Flat White Moon

Although Flat White Moon is a serene glance into the past, it lacks some of the innovation that make its inspirations so great

Album Review by Briony Pickford | 21 Apr 2021
  • Field Music - Flat White Moon
Album title: Flat White Moon
Artist: Field Music
Label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 23 Apr

Field Music’s critically acclaimed past has their eighth album Flat White Moon shrouded in excitement. They're well known for their ability to reinvent the sounds of famed artists such as David Bowie or Talking Heads and this album is no different, with its Led Zeppelin and Beatles-inspired tracks. 

Flat White Moon offers nice grooves, harmonic choirs and handheld percussion. It even has some woodwind for good measure and strings which punctuate the lead vocal lines. Mixed with lead singer David Brewis’ McCartney esque-vocals, this album is a moreish dish of nostalgia.

The album’s strongsuit lies in its lyrics. When You Last Heard From Linda tells the story of not being able to penetrate your friend's depression, while No Pressure is Field Music’s homage to the UK’s discontent with our government’s handling of COVID-19 including lyrics like ‘fighting each other as if they were heroes’. These poignant words are supported with slightly lacklustre guitar riffs. While repetition is key in cementing the hook in a listener’s mind, songs like Do Me a Favour and Not When You’re In Love lose their impact with this neverending feeling. 

Although Flat White Moon is a serene glance into the past it unfortunately lacks the innovation that makes what inspired it so great, and would be much improved if we could hear Field Music’s individual voice alongside their musical heroes.

Listen to: No Pressure, Invisible Days, In This City