Field Music – Commontime

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 26 Jan 2016
  • Field Music – Commontime
Album title: Commontime
Artist: Field Music
Label: Memphis
Release date: 5 Feb

Sunderland’s own brotherly writing duo, Peter and David Brewis, have been at it again. Their first release since 2012’s Mercury Prize nominated Plumb, Commontime sees the band re-expand to include original keyboardist Andrew Moore, with extra vocals, bass touches and hints of string thrown in for good measure. Warm, meticulous and packed with the off-kilter, jaunty pop touches Field Music made their name with, there’s plenty to encourage long-serving fans of the band – but there's very little to stop your mind from wandering.

Over 14 tracks, repetitive funk riffs and chatty, conversationalist lyrics start to wear a little thin, and a lack of diversity makes for such comfortable listening that you risk all-too-comfortably tuning out. It's a shame, too, because this hazy, samey-ness means you could risk overlooking the cinema of disorientating politico-ballad Trouble at the Lights, tucked in mid-record, or the far more fresh That's Close Enough For Now. Mid-record, the brothers’ twin vocals ask How Should I Know If You’ve Changed? – supposedly detailing the awkwardness of school reunions, but hitting a fraction too close to home. [Katie Hawthorne]

Playing Manchester Band on the Wall on 11 Mar and Glasgow CCA on 13 Mar