Feist – Metals

Album Review by David McGinty | 22 Sep 2011
  • Feist – Metals
Album title: Metals
Artist: Feist
Label: Polydor
Release date: 3 Oct

Leslie Feist returns with the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2007’s The Reminder which, assisted by an iPod iteration that even today seems quite dated, propelled the singer to new levels of international recognition. Those wanting Metals to grab them with the unmistakable immediacy of I Feel it All or 1234, may be initially apprehensive.

Instead the album merges the more undulating pulses of her previous record, Let it Die, with the ensemble dynamic of The Reminder, creating a sound that is at once stunning in its intimacy, and overwhelmingly powerful. Feist's songwriting seems further matured without losing any of its charm.

Songs like The Circle Married the Line, and Graveyard, you’ll think you’ve always known. They sound as if, like the album’s title, they were mined from the ground, like they already existed, but their swells and subsidences are almost inexplicably exciting and refreshingly new.