FBC - 'The Landing Party'

Welcome to Jazz Club, where the drinks are overpriced but the people are nice

Album Review by Ali Maloney | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: 'The Landing Party'
Artist: FBC
Label: Swinging Man
I wonder if Norton and Solenoid have a particular venue in mind when they rhyme a funky ditty loosely themed around an "overpriced" Jazz Club. Recorded in Copenhagen with FBC's overseas member, Boogie B on beats, during "four days of alcohol abuse", 'The Landing Party' is a tight trio of tracks that are thankfully free of cliche and 50 Cent-esque homoeroticism. Lyrically, this ain't gonna change your life, but the MCs wrap wicked flows around the beats, which are strictly head nodding boom-bip, and when it all gets a bit dark on the last track, it's even more of a trip. [Ali Maloney]
The Landing Party' EP is out now. http://www.swingingman.com