Fatherson – Normal Fears

Fatherson's latest album adds an experimental streak to their alt-rock sound

Album Review by Dylan Tuck | 21 Feb 2022
  • Fatherson - Normal Fears
Album title: Normal Fears
Artist: Fatherson
Label: Easy Life Records
Release date: 25 Feb

Like a lot of current releases, Normal Fears was conceived, born and raised across lockdowns. Escape from the outside world meant the band could forget what they felt they should be and focus rather on what the band could be. Embracing possibility, the Glasgow-based trio eye experimentation, from placing ping pong balls in snare drums and feeding piano through cassette players to whipping out the keyboard for an increased electronic presence. Album four points towards a playful, new(ish) direction – particularly in its first half on tracks like End of the World, Love For Air and Everything.

That said, much of the record sits comfortably with their strong past efforts. At its core is both their usual high octane, groove-laced alt-rock (Dive, Normal People, That Feeling and the Sound) and typically wonderful slower moments, often piano-led and balladesque (All the Time, Honest To God), casting a shimmering spotlight on Ross Leighton’s caramel smooth vocals.

While Normal Fears may appear on the surface like a daring first step onto a new path, it's not entirely dissimilar – and nor does it need to be – to one that they’ve already walked to much success.

Listen to: End of the World, Dive, Normal People