Fat Goth – Stud

Album Review by Chris McCall | 04 Jan 2013
  • Fat Goth – Stud
Album title: Stud
Artist: Fat Goth
Label: Hefty Dafty
Release date: 28 Jan

“I think you’ve got too much time on your hands,” deadpans Fraser Stewart at the conclusion of the magnificent Debbie’s Dirty Harry, one of the stand-out tracks on this blistering second album from Fat Goth. On the contrary, this Dundee power trio make for captivating company on record; even at 48 minutes in length, you’re still left wanting more. 

Stud marks a significant step up for the band, aided in no small part by the addition of former Laeto bassist Kevin Black. Forming a solid rhythm section alongside drummer Mark Keiller, lightning-quick movements propel Stud into the fast lane, with Surf’s Down leaving the listener giddy from its sheer energy.

Stewart’s roaring vocals and acerbic lyrics meanwhile recall Mclusky at their most belligerent, yet this is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, unafraid to bring out the acoustics for Pinball Moron – a charming duet with Alice Marra of The Hazey Janes. With this as their latest calling card, Fat Goth should have no problem becoming an in-demand ticket.

Playing King Tut's New Year's Revolution on 11 Jan and Electric Circus, Edinburgh on 1 Feb http://fatgoth.bandcamp.com