Fat Goth – One Hundred Percent Suave

Album Review by Chris McCall | 29 Apr 2014
  • Fat Goth – One Hundred Percent Suave
Album title: One Hundred Percent Suave
Artist: Fat Goth
Label: Hefty Dafty
Release date: 12 May

Fat Goth don't have immediate crossover appeal; their music is too heavy and takes too many sharp changes in direction that can leave the casual listener struggling to keep up. Then there's the song titles, such as Caligynephobia (a fear of beautiful women, in case you were wondering) or The Stevie Nicks Method. But that's not stopped them being endorsed by celebrity chefs and playing unlikely Christmas gigs in Glasgow's George Square. 

One Hundred Percent Suave will surely increase their appeal even further. The Dundee power trio's third album picks up from where 2013's Stud left off; razor-sharp riffs, vociferous drums and Fraser Stewart's surprisingly rich voice, which breaks into crooner-like qualities on the fearsome Class A. Far from a conscious, cynical appeal to the mainstream – you could never imagine the bruising Sin Altar making a Radio 1 playlist – but there's no denying that Fat Goth are huge fun, a quality lacking in too many rock bands in 2014. 

Playing Edinburgh Electric Circus on 29 May and Glasgow King Tut's on 5 Jul http://fatgoth.bandcamp.com