Fat Goth – Enorme!

Album Review by Pete Wild | 02 May 2017
  • Fat Goth – Enorme
Album title: Enorme!
Artist: Fat Goth
Label: Hefty Dafty Records
Release date: 5 May

Picture the scene in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart: Laura Dern’s Lula is driving the big open top car as Nick Cage’s Sailor sleeps in the back seat. The radio is full of horror: murder, bestiality and sin. What does this have to do with Fat Goth you might ask? Well, Fat Goth make the kind of music Sailor and Lula would dance to. 

If you’ve never dabbled with Fat Goth – maybe the name put you off? – know that they're a Dundee-based band whose noise is not a million miles away from Mclusky (although frontman Fraser Stewart is not as lyrically dextrous as Andy Falkous, still the closest hardcore has got to Nigel Blackwell).

If you have dabbled with Fat Goth before on any of their four previous albums, know that they've changed things up (somewhat) for Enorme! – this is not a band to use an exclamation point lightly. Basically they’ve taken a look at the sorry state of the world and it’s made them mad. Their rage is incendiary. Long may it burn.

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