Fanfarlo - Reservoir

Album Review by Jamie Scott | 19 May 2009
  • Fanfarlo - Reservoir
Album title: Reservoir
Artist: Fanfarlo
Label: Raffle Bat
Release date: 18 May

'The British Arcade Fire' is a label that Fanfarlo are likely becoming sick of, so often is it applied to their chamber pop magnificence. Yet for all the similarities, these tunes are so finely crafted and coloured that they stand every chance of independent accolade. With Swede Simon Balthazer at the helm, this enthusiastic, winsome pop draws as much inspiration from his compatriots Jens Lekman and the Concretes as it does Win Butler's troupe, and still manages to build a bubble of individuality around the whole thing. Every track ceaselessly builds and falls with undulating care, stuffed tightly with strings, glockenspiels, clustered pianos and churning basslines. During I'm A Pilot, as Balthazar sings, fit to burst, "If I stay in this room/they'll remember for my youth", and their message becomes clear. They may not have arrived at this sound first, but they make a fine job of it.