False Advertising – False Advertising

Album Review by Gary Kaill | 17 Sep 2015
Album title: False Advertising
Artist: False Advertising
Label: Self released
Release date: 4 Sep (available digitally only)

Not all of the young pups bewitched by the 90s US alt-rock underground manage to invigorate its legacy with the enterprise and identity it deserves. Step forward Manchester's False Advertising, whose self-released and self-produced debut displays not just neo-grunge chops but distinct character and uncommonly accomplished song craft. Sure, the presentation grabs first: all thick bottom end, ringing snare, a battery of overdrive and Josh Sellers' bass right there at the front of the mix.

Then there's Jen Hingley (a dead ringer at times for Julianna Hatfield – recommendation in itself) and Chris Warr's vocals: both exceptional. But it's the tunes that elevate the whole: the irresistible lead single Wasted Away; the racing scuzz of Dozer (more Teenage Riot than Teen Spirit); the twitching, tempo-shifting Something Better. And with a lyrical endeavour that favours stark, accusatory dialogues over de rigueur rabble-rousing or paltry devotionals, False Advertising emerge as a serious and compelling proposition. Stand down, trading standards – nothing to see here.