Fallout Trust - 'In Case of the Flood'

No chance of the levees being breached just yet...

Album Review by Jon Seller | 15 Feb 2006
Album title: 'In Case of the Flood'
Artist: Fallout Trust
Label: At Large
London-based sextet The Fallout Trust cannot be faulted on effort or art-rock ethos; living, writing and recording in an East London warehouse, the band's 70s-Berlin adoration has seen them establish a small but committed following who pack out the Trust's bimonthly club nights. Unfortunately, this admirable philosophy does not result in good tunes, with this debut offering falling notably short on memorable ditties. It starts well enough with opener When We Are Gone showing off imaginative musicianship and a killer chorus. However, this flatters to deceive as the remaining tracks come and go with only the pounding One Generation Wall providing any resistance to the onslaught of mediocrity. There are obvious influences throughout, with the Furries figuring heavily, but there seems little consistency which ultimately means there's no chance of the levees being breached just yet. [Jon Seller]
Out on the Feb 27 http://www.thefallouttrust.net