Fake Laugh – Fake Laugh

Album Review by Bella Spencer | 21 Jul 2017
  • Fake Laugh – Fake Laugh
Album title: Fake Laugh
Artist: Fake Laugh
Label: Headcount Records
Release date: 28 Jul

Fake Laugh, the new project from Kamran Khan, have teased their fans with a splattering of singles and EPs over the last few years but now their self-titled debut album provides 11 songs that capture their sound. It's light and poppy – think The Beatles meets The Japanese House (of whom Khan is currently a touring member).

Every track feels as if it has been built brick by brick – each tune consists of a heavy drumbeat that glues the simple riffs and lullaby-like vocals together. Khan’s voice rises and falls effortlessly, with varying effect. While some tracks such as As I Get to Know You Better fill you with a sense of bliss and leave you dancing like a floating feather, by the end of Melt the wavering melody invokes a touch of travel sickness.

The overall feel of the album is perfectly represented by the cover image of Khan snoozing in the sun – it’s warm and hazy, but a little bit tiring. Each of its tracks teases the listener; the opening bars promise something new, but every track carries the same vibe and just falls short of the catchy hook or chorus that you desire.

Listen to: As I Get to Know You Better, Wouldn’t Bother, You do Know