Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Album Review by George Sully | 03 Jun 2015
Album title: Get To Heaven
Artist: Everything Everything
Label: RCA
Release date: 22 Jun

Three albums in and folk are eyeing northern quartet Everything Everything closely; surely they must misstep eventually? Alas, Get To Heaven is as polished as Arc and as inventive as their earnest debut Man Alive, cherrypicking math rock intricacies, indie rock sensibilities, and synth-fired 80s fetishising when it suits them. 

Try Regret’s nostalgic, percussion-thumping verses, Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’s quickfire lyrics and layered chords, or the regal, anti-capitalist assassination paean Fortune 500; the record’s not short on hits, and rarely does it idle.

Thanks in part to Stuart Price’s Midas production chops, Get To Heaven’s arrangement is atomically mastered: satisfyingly complex drum patterns and choice bass and guitar lines, offset by Jonathan Higgs’ addictive falsetto. It’s a proven formula, but throw in cheeky wordplay (“Did you think that everything, everything would change?” Higgs wryly asks on Regret) and EE are a welcome counterpoint to today’s starchily sincere indie brood. A repeatedly rewarding follow-up. 

Playing Parklife Weekender, Manchester on 6 Jun and T in the Park, Strathallan on 12 Jul http://everything-everything.co.uk