Errors – New Relics

Album Review by Rosie Davies | 02 Oct 2012
  • Errors - New Relics album cover
Album title: New Relics
Artist: Errors
Label: Rock Action Records
Release date: 1 Oct

For a band whose last LP has largely come to be considered their most accomplished to date, it’s no wonder that Errors have, with this mini album released just nine months after, deliberately taken another path. With the monolithic Have Some Faith In Magic looming in the background, it’s tempting to see New Relics as a transcontinental interlude.
Slower paced, looser, and free from the motorik groove of its predecessor – all its predecessors, in fact – this is the sound of a band prying loose from the straightjacket of critical expectation and letting their minds float into new territory.

Sizzling drums and reverberating bass pull the listener down into swirling pools of synth; riffs play out like a liquid sunset over the White Isle, with blissful Oriental melodies that fleetingly recall Magic's ambient side (see Grangehaven in particular). Whilst nothing quite matches the building euphoric energy of Pleasure Palaces or Magna Encarta, repeat plays unlock a record with hidden layers – every inch the free-floating, retro-futuristic exploration its title suggests.

Playing Electric Circus, Edinburgh on 13 Oct