Errors - It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever

A brilliantly synthetic album

Album Review by Nick Mitchell | 29 May 2008
Album title: It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever
Artist: Errors
Label: Rock Action
Release date: 2 Jun

With the daft, verbose album title, Errors are presumably launching a pre-emptive strike at the music journalists who will try to categorise their sound in the coming weeks and months; the point being that the Glasgow band are too disparate for the old name-that-genre ploy. Sure, they're electro, but they're also post-rock, math rock, acid house... Moving on swiftly, we find that Errors have developed the basic, glitchy elements of their early 7” singles and EP into a cohesive album of instrumental electronica. The influence of their employer, Mogwai, looms large - almost too large – in the minimalist, adagio guitar lines, but when they break into a Battles-like jerk-frenzy on Toes they reveal yet another side to their sound. And Oxford solo artist George Pringle adds her mellow spoken-word to Cutlery Drawer, a welcome dose of the human in a brilliantly synthetic album.

Errors launch their debut album with a gig at Stereo, Glasgow on 13 Jun.