Errors - 'How Clean Is Your House'

Album Review by Melissa Thomson | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: 'How Clean Is Your House'
Artist: Errors
Label: Rock Action

No, these Glasgow left-fielders aren't taking the piss; their second EP really is a spik 'n' span acid house record, with clean-verging-on-jangly guitars combining System 7 (remember them?) and wine-stained lips at a backstreet installation. It's apparent that these three young chaps enjoy their after club parties; the intricate rolling melodies capture that pretty, 5am, world-of-your-own feeling perfectly, while the buzzing synths and programmed beats keep the tempo bouncy. With John Cummings of Mogwai on the recording team and a host of national, albeit early hours air play this seems to be turning into their year. It's not timeless, and it's not for daytime listening, but the likes of Mr Milk and Crew Cut still have the hypnotising hooks necessary to egg on a daydream quite nicely. [Melissa Thomson]

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