Errors - Come Down With Me

Album Review by Darren Carle | 26 Jan 2010
Album title: Come Down With Me
Artist: Errors
Label: Rock Action
Release date: 15 Feb

Errors' ‘post-electro’ pigeonhole is becoming a little ill-fitting, although the immediacy of Come Down With Me’s starting salvo might initially suggest otherwise. Supertribe bounces along with the synth goodness of Squarepusher DJing a toddler's birthday party whilst A Rumour In Africa looks a shoo-in to follow the TV show soundtracking path tread by previous signature tune Mr. Milk. OK, so it’s not a huge leap forward in style for the quartet, to the point that the ‘big pop tunes’ and the more contemplative, droning numbers closely mirror those on their debut album. But Come Down With Me does showcase some new, interesting facets. There’s no more math rock a la Toes, and the shadow of label bosses Mogwai is distinctly paler, though still visible. Instead there’s more woozy, psychedelic country with hymnal undertones on Black Tent and towering guitar crescendos on finale Beards to complement it. Errors' trajectory remains steady as a rock, it's just getting trickier to pin these boys down. [Darren Carle]


Errors play the Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow on 25 Feb and The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen on 26 Feb.