ENOLA - All Is Forgiven

ENOLA conveys post-punk grunge for new audiences in their own distinct styling on their searing debut EP, All Is Forgiven

Album Review by Anita Bhadani | 02 Nov 2023
  • Enola – All Is Forgiven
Album title: All Is Forgiven EP
Artist: ENOLA
Label: Hell Beach/ONELOVE
Release date: 3 Nov

Raw vulnerability and post-punk grit mark Australian artist ENOLA’s searing debut EP, All Is Forgiven. Echoing shoegaze elements of My Bloody Valentine with screeching guitar reminiscent of Sonic Youth, ENOLA conveys post-punk grunge for new audiences in their own distinct styling.

Their vocal haunts across tracks at times, lingering over guitar and drum beats. On Miss You, the simple lyric: ‘I miss you so much / I should learn to keep my mouth shut’ is transformed into a vessel heavy with the weight of pain and longing. A subdued hope breaks through – ‘Am I off to the slaughter?’ they ask in a moment of almost hope, wishing for a ‘no’ on opener Hurt, guitar fading into the background. But it’s the calm before the storm of closer Waves, where uninhibited they shout; a cathartic breakthrough of anger.

Heavy in subject matter and emotion, it’s liberating to hear unspoken, messy emotions take such brutally honest form. ENOLA’s unique presence and urgent energy is something felt through the tracks, and it is this that makes All Is Forgiven an engaging listen with distinctive oeuvre. It never feels like just a rumination of inward looking pain, rather we are taken right there with them.

Listen to: Hurt, Metal Body