Engineers – In Praise of More

Album Review by Paul Neeson | 27 Sep 2010
  • Engineers – In Praise of More
Album title: In Praise of More
Artist: Engineers
Label: Kscope
Release date: 27 Sep

With the release of 2009’s Three Fact Fader being delayed due to undisclosed band politics, it may seem par for the course that London-based Engineers have shed two of their members prior to the release of their third long-player. They’ve lost little of their potency, however, turning around their second album in under two years, with Ulrich Schnauss's recent addition to the group ensuring an embellishment to their ambient power.

Drawing its eight tracks though a narcotic plume, In Praise of More unfurls with the deep draw of opener Twenty Paces, followed by the brooding burn of To An Evergreen and Press Rewind’s post-rock perfection, while the cindering build of album highlight Subtober’s beatific brilliance closes the show. The remainder may not grip its listener to quite the same degree, however the distinctly masterful production holds In Praise of More firmly in Engineers' hallucinatory haze, drifting like a dream you hope will never end. [Paul Neeson]