Engine7 - Me, But Perfect

Perfectly boring

Album Review by Josh Coppersmith-Heaven | 11 Jun 2008
  • Engine7
Album title: Me, But Perfect
Artist: Engine7
Label: Herb Recordings
Release date: Out Now

The narcissistic self-titling of this album is the first reason to be dubious. ‘Is this going to be a vain, unadventurous, uneventful album?’, one asks oneself. The answer is yes. Most of the tracks are little more than wall-paper 'ambience', yet somehow manage to seem stifling. Over the course of seven minutes, the first full-length track, Me, But Perfect, offers few climaxes. Obsessive/Compulsive suggests inklings of broken-beat, subsumed under chopped up choral layers. It may be a question of taste, but Glitches appears to be little more than offensive noise. The air finally clears a little on Tempertantrum, with a solid beat breaking in halfway through. But by Path of Least Resistance we're back to long drones of notes and chords without any apparent melody. I’m sure some people may find this music meditative and intriguing, but silence works better for me, and I found Me, But Perfect perfectly boring.