Enablers – The Rightful Pivot

Album Review by Will Fitzpatrick | 09 Apr 2015
Album title: The Rightful Pivot
Artist: Enablers
Label: Lancashire and Somerset
Release date: 10 Apr

Pete Simonelli is a remarkable wordsmith. Whether dissecting the discomfort of dysfunctional relationships, or simply amplifying the terror of a late-night encounter on the wrong side of town, the depth and detail of his spoken-word narratives perfectly nail the flipside of America’s airbrushed exterior: punchdrunk, bruised, and grimly poignant. Mirroring his performance-poet mastery of cadence and timing, Enablers' well-travelled musicians whip up a storm of post-rock dynamics that emphasise his undertones with power and dexterity, often adding up to majesty.

The nimble, spidery patterns of She Calls After You are tender and mysterious; an appropriate echo of the subject matter’s post-coital awkwardness (“You’re less a presence / Than an urge to be moving on”), with this softness often a precursor to jagged, Slint-ish crunches. The best is saved ‘til last, however – Enopolis’ layered textures underwrite a spirited percussive chaos, stabbing and slashing at fractured bleakness to create something uniqely resonant. Both gut-rupturingly visceral and cerebrally complex, Enablers are a remarkable band.