Elfin Saddle - Ringing For The Begin Again

Album Review by Jamie Scott | 05 May 2009
  • Elfin Saddle - Ringing For The Begin Again
Album title: Ringing For The Begin Again
Artist: Elfin Saddle
Label: Constellation
Release date: 18 May

Elfin Saddle are a voyeuristic listen. Jordan McKenzie and Emi Honda, partners in art and life, present an intimate portrait of wordless communication and musical coupling, each echoing the other's primal incantations. Songs that sound like they have been recorded in the bedroom mingle different musical cultures with whatever instrument first comes to hand, sung at once in English and Japanese, an East-West dichotomy that can't help but sound exotic. With whirling accordions, military drums and third wheel Nathan Gage on contrabass and tuba, their imagination and dexterity build thick, intense melodies, both familiar and strange. The yearning drama of Running Sheep is the highlight of the Japanese-led half, haiku light and dark imagery that feeds with urgent recitation and broken cymbals. Accompanied by beautiful homemade artwork that is worth the entrance fee alone, Elfin Saddle present an all-encompassing, gripping work.