Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

An extraordinarily accomplished and thoroughly engaging piece of Mancunian songsmithery

Album Review by Jon Seller | 06 Mar 2008
Album title: The Seldom Seen Kid
Artist: Elbow
Label: Fiction
Release date: 17 Mar

Elbow's fourth long-player is as interesting an album as this listener's ears have taken in for some time. Whilst the cheap-shooters amongst us may take this as a slight upon The Skinny's record collection, I prefer to see it as a reflection of an extraordinarily accomplished and thoroughly engaging piece of Mancunian songsmithery. Opener Starlings is a beautiful and intricately compiled love story set over a relentless, driving xylophone backing. Guy Garvey's impressively powerful singing, a feature throughout much of the record, reaches the absolute peak of a crescendo on Weather to Fly, where a repeated backing vocal loop doubles as an effective instrument, bringing extra depth to the proceedings. In spite of the delicate craftmanship on show in the main, the real standout track is bruising lead single Grounds for Divorce, an irresistible, saloon-tinged number, which speaks of drinking to the Seldom Seen Kid - on this evidence, it's the most worthy of causes. [Jon Seller]

Release Date: 17 Mar
Elbow play ABC, Glasgow on 4 Apr