eagleowl – this silent year

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 24 Apr 2013
  • eagleowl – this silent year
Album title: this silent year
Artist: eagleowl
Label: Fence
Release date: 13 May

The family of birds known as eagle owls (easily identifiable by their ear tufts) are notoriously elusive, spending most of their time roosting out of sight. The group of Edinburgh-based musicians known as eagleowl (easily identifiable by their penchant for slow, sad sounds in the Low/Smog mould) also have a habit of keeping quiet, with this silent year unhurriedly arriving eight years after the band’s formation.

Not that the interceding years have been entirely silent, of course, with EPs confidently marking their territory and ensuring their debut long-player is backed by the full weight of their maturing talents – a long-game strategy that’s borne exceptional results.

From the imposing expanse of Too Late in the Day to the stately Eagleowl Versus Woodpigeon (a messy match in the bird world but an unspeakably beautiful pairing in the musical one), the band have assembled something enduring and elegant – not so much a birdie as a hole in one. [Chris Buckle]

Playing Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, 10 May and The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 12 May http://eagleowlattack.co.uk