Drive By Argument - Drive-By Argument

Album Review by Beth Malone | 25 Apr 2008
  • Drive-By Argument
Album title: Drive-By Argument
Artist: Drive By Argment
Label: Lizard Kings
Release date: 12 May 08

Ayr's Drive By Argument promise to "make you shit your pants". If you don’t, they offer a complimentary laxative. It takes a special band to propose that absurd gags equal talent; DBA should probably let their music attract the attention and leave the jobbie jokes to Eddie Murphy. The Sega Method opens the quintet's debut album with a familiar hook; similar to something we’ve heard from Bloc Party, while recent single Dance Like No One’s Watching indulges in some fine electronic disco action. Other songs here are truly beautiful; Lower Your Pieces begins with primitive keys and strained vocals and it makes for a sweet surprise. Never living in fear of synth or keyboard effects, the group opens several songs, including one of the album’s best - Cyclists Run Red Lights - with nothing more than single keystrokes a la Super Mario Brothers. You might not shit your pants on first listen, but you might well pee a little. [Beth Malone]

Playing Westport Bar, Dundee on 10 May, Classic Grand, Glasgow on 12 May, Tunnels, Aberdeen on 14 May and Heriot-Watt Union, Edinburgh on 15 May