Desperate Journalist – In Search of the Miraculous

The London four-piece return with a transcendent new album that's the next stage in their evolution

Album Review by Hannah Clark | 19 Feb 2019
  • Desperate Journalist In Search of the Miraculous
Album title: In Search of the Miraculous
Artist: Desperate Journalist
Label: Fierce Panda
Release date: 22 Feb

There is a distinct fragility and vitality contained within Desperate Journalist’s musical back catalogue. It echoes through their work with a courage that cannot fail to delight and inspire in equal measure. The London quartet's third album, In Search of the Miraculous, borrows its title from the 1949 book by Russian philosopher P. D. Ouspensky reflecting on his time spent with mystic and philosopher, George Gurdjieff, and his system of self-development. It more than earns the intellectual and spiritual connection.

In Search of the Miraculous is a work of indisputable artistic maturity entwined with sharply beautiful poetic integrity that current fans will recognise immediately. Perhaps more world-weary in places, the album's overall tone is one of hopeful recognition of the complexities of life and love in all its forms. Packed full of soaring choruses and starkly beautiful riffs, the band deliver a romantic manifesto that is as much about the acceptance of ourselves as it is about coming to understand the expansions and limitations of others.

Desperate Journalist create music that transcends the definitions of any one genre. Indie-goth, shoegaze, post-punk, all of these descriptions fit but none of them can begin to tell the whole story and with the arrival of In Search of the Miraculous there is a sense that this soulful, anthemic, continually evolving band are just getting started.

Listen to: Cedars, Murmuration, Black Net