Deptford Goth – Songs

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 30 Oct 2014
  • Deptford Goth – Songs
Album title: Songs
Artist: Deptford Goth
Label: Bella Union
Release date: 3 Nov

There’s life after Life After Defo: Deptford Goth returns with sophomore album Songs and it’s a much more, er, lively affair. Behind the moniker is Daniel Woolhouse, a London based musician and producer whose ethereal, soulful electronica isn’t usually a sunny side up kinda situation. However, while Songs is just as polished and spacious as first album ...Defo, it's hesitantly, tentatively optimistic and far less abstract. 

Woolhouse’s glitch and shiver creates a typically glittering landscape, but there’s an uncharacteristically danceable rattle and shake, and a recurring almost-up-tempo beat that adds a welcome touch of warmth. Lyrically it’s less opaque, too. Vocals have taken on a leading role, guiding the listener through otherwise arctic seas. Understated but not to be underestimated, here's an album that can’t be rushed. It's a slippery, elusive listen – in the best sense. “The rhythm of life is an irregular beat,” croons Woolhouse, “listen to it slow.” [Katie Hawthorne]