Deer Tick – Mayonnaise

With Mayonnaise, Deer Tick deliver hard-rocking, feedback-swilling country anthems

Album Review by Ross Devlin | 01 Feb 2019
  • Deer Tick – Mayonnaise
Album title: Mayonnaise
Artist: Deer Tick
Label: Partisan Records
Release date: 1 Feb

The common deer tick is about the size of the head of a match, and is the scourge of the United States. Ticks are spreading across American cities like wildfire, threatening, among other symptoms, a meat allergy. Deer Tick are a sort of antidote. The Providence, Rhode Island quartet have toured their apocalyptic smirk to country roads rock across America (and beyond) for over a decade. 700,000 kilometres, estimates Songkick. Deer Tick deliver hard-rocking, feedback-swilling country anthems, Springsteenian ballads of hysterical hilarity.

Mayonnaise, their latest release, explores the history of these men among the tick-lands. A compilation of 13 new recordings of past songs and covers, Mayonnaise – and its Hellmann’s inspired cover art – are as buttery smooth as the well-known dressing. (Their 2017 self-titled LP similarly rendered ketchup and mustard in its still life.) The recording is as clear and intimate as a living room concert, which is a treat, as Deer Tick is one group whose touring has made them terrific showmen. The record’s most exciting songs are covers – a gregarious take on The Pogues' White City; a roided rendition of George Harrison’s Run of the Mill, the saxaphone on the original version of the latter replaced with an accordion. But the prettiest track is the one that keeps the saxophone, Memphis Chair, which also features the sexiest detuned piano in the Northern Hemisphere.

Listen to: Memphis Chair, White City