Deadstring Brothers - 'Starving Winter Report'

we've already got 'Let it Bleed' so we don't really need this as a plan b

Album Review by Dave Reid | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'Starving Winter Report'
Artist: Deadstring Brothers
Label: Evangeline/Bloodshot
I like The Rolling Stones. I think we all do, to a greater or lesser degree. It's pretty clear within the first fifteen seconds of 'Starving Winter Report' that Detroit's Dead String Brothers like the Stones too. Forty minutes later it has been made abundantly clear that they don't just like the Stones, they fucking love them, and go all out to recreate the countrified feel of 'Let It Bleed'. Admittedly, they do a pretty good impersonation. The instrumentation of the album is fantastic; particularly seen in an organ swirl so deep and gravely it could shake pictures off the wall. The problem is that the songs are all instantly forgettable and we've already got the original and best. So we don't desperately need this as a plan b. [Dave Reid]
Starving Winter Report' is out now.