Deadstar Assembly - Unsaved

Deadstar Assembly appear to be trying to sound more like an angry Spice Girls than like Slayer

Album Review by Ali Maloney | 15 Jul 2006
  • Unsaved
Album title: Unsaved
Artist: Deadstar Assembly
Label: The A Label
I'm sure these guys laugh at emo kids and think they're somehow harder, darker and more philisophical than them. They're not. This is straight up glam/pseudo-goth/nu-metal complete with metrosexual hair styles, dog collars, lip piercings, goatees drawn on with eye-liner, crunchy guitar lines, choruses that are actually stadium rock-wannabes ashamedly hiding behind a "tough guy" production, oh, and lets throw in some electronic tweaking in between songs which Deadstar Assembly probably think is risky and ground breaking. The track listing reads like an misguided marketing brainstorming session's list of new slogans for ignorant teen angst: Killing Myself Again, Showing Teeth, Death Wish - this utter lack of imagination is evident throughout the album, and on Unsaved(what?) Deadstar Assembly sound like they're trying to sound more like an angry Spice Girls than like Slayer. I'm sure the Scream bars play their videos to death though. [Ali Maloney]

Unsaved' is out now.