Dead Pony erupt onto the rock scene with their stunning debut album, IGNORE THIS

Album Review by Logan Walker | 01 Apr 2024
  • Dead Pony - IGNORE THIS
Album title: IGNORE THIS
Artist: Dead Pony
Label: LAB Records
Release date: 5 Apr

Dead Pony have been gathering some serious steam over the last year, and this month arrive with an impressive debut in IGNORE THIS. One of the toughest things for a band to do at this stage in their career is sound fully formed, but Dead Pony pull this off seemingly without much effort, sounding confident in their identity as a musical outfit. They wear their influences openly and proudly; you can hear Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana on tracks like MK Nothing and I might die, along with a large dose of Le Tigre on tracks like RAINBOWS. Album standout, Bad Girlfriend is a swaggering, disco-infused rocker with an outrageously catchy hook that blends together all the best elements of their sound in a slick sub-three minute package. 

Hailing from Glasgow, Dead Pony have quickly built a solid reputation for no-nonsense rock'n'roll, something IGNORE THIS delivers in spades. The outfit’s sound is so complementary of each element; Blair Crichton’s crunchy guitar riffs and Anna Shields’ piercing vocals are supplemented by Liam Adams' bass and Euan Lyons' drums that come with a hefty dose of attitude. The future is bright for this four-piece.

 Listen to: Bad Girlfriend, MK Nothing, About Love