Dead or American - Ends

an intimidating debut to rock our tartan socks

Album Review by Dave Kerr | 12 Dec 2006
  • Ends
Album title: Ends
Artist: Dead or American
Label: Pet Piranha / Predestination
Regardless of any intensifying interest there may have been in the last few years, there still seems something terribly arcane about the contemporary Scottish music scene. It may be comparable to the New York and Seattle explosions in its often one-dimensional portrayal in the national media, but it's still safe to say that the fuller picture lurks eagerly beneath a mass of unevenly placed hype.

Take Falkirk's Dead or American, who must exist in some alternate universe to have remained such relative unknowns for so long. Their first LP, Ends, sees the rolling thunder of opener 'Flame Out' stomping with an understated fury, and so the album blazes its way for a few numbers before belatedly stating: 'Don't Hold Your Breath' on song four. Searing and soothing at a well balanced pace, DoA are seemingly possessed by the threat of imminent and absolute collapse that The Jesus Lizard subscribed to, as well as the unusual soaring harmonies of Murmur era REM. All of this equates to an intimidating debut to rock some tartan socks. [Dave Kerr]
Release Date: Out now.