Dead Boy Robotics – Dead Boy Robotics

Album Review by Darren Carle | 28 Nov 2011
  • Dead Boy Robotics - Dead Boy Robotics
Album title: Dead Boy Robotics
Artist: Dead Boy Robotics
Label: Tape
Release date: 28 Nov

Spitting with dark, expansive electro fervour right from the start, this self-titled debut album from Edinburgh trio Dead Boy Robotics is nothing if not ambitious. Opening cut A Broken Y Axis is a thrifty statement of intent that sounds like 65daysofstatic hacking at the innards of the original Dr. Who theme.

Two variations on As Children We Fear the Dark provides some nice balance. Part 1 is all clambering synths, propulsive drums and alternating lullaby/screaming vocals, whilst part 2 breathes some ambient dystopian soundscapes into proceedings. Do You Know Your Exits finds a plateau of Animal Collective vocal harmonies at the nub of its fairly epic structure, providing one of several highlights.

In fact, the songwriting remains solid throughout, a realisation that only seeps through the jagged seams after several listens. A tight run-time ensures this is as machine-like as their name suggests, but there’s certainly plenty of heart to go with it.

Playing The Third Door, Edinburgh on 3 Dec and Pivo Pivo, Glasgow on 11 Dec