Daedelus - Love To Make Music To

Album Review by Michael Slevin | 23 May 2008
Album title: Love To Make Music To
Artist: Daedalus
Label: Ninjatune
Release date: 16 Jun 08

Sometimes the greatest of music comes from the strangest of people, and that is certainly the case with Daedelus and his stonker of a new album. Eschewing modern fashion in favour of 19th Century Victorian dandyism, he, and the music he creates, can certainly be described as unusual. The songs on this album are eclectic yet symbiotic, with breakbeat convoluting with jaunty showtunes in one corner, and low key electro-tinged hip-hop flirting with dancey pseudo-jazz numbers in the other. Happy handclapping, truly pounding bass and bright organ licks define this album and the schizophrenic songs that are on it; not quite sure of their identity, they flit between styles, pulling you in several different directions at once. Song styles change at the drop of a hat; sometimes it's jarring, but, bizarrely, not annoyingly so. To these lobes, this is one of the freshest and most intriguing albums of the year so far.